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      Welcome to Tiki Tavz Beachin BBQ Spice Company!  Believe it or not this whole thing started out as kind of a joke back in 2012.  I was in construction at the time which I did for 17 years.  I liked going to beer, BBQ and music festivals for fun (still do) and have always been a very passionate chef.  I remember when I was about 10 my friend and I learned how to cook grilled cheese sandwiches.  I thought that was the coolest thing in the world and it got me started in the kitchen.  One thing that I never understood though was the fact that every seasoning you buy in a grocery store is salty!  Or it was mostly paprika and was too bland.  After I paid $8 (for about the 10th time) on a BBQ rub from a festival just to find that it was again, SALTY.  I came home frustrated, and just as a "goof" after a few beers, I put together this rub that was what "I" thought was a real BBQ rub.  I always made great BBQ sauces (which will be coming soon ;-P) but I never made any kind of seasoning before.  I just mixed things together that I thought made sense.  Cooked with it for my friends and I, and BAM.  It was amazing.  After a while I had friends asking for it and even my buddy's bike club wanted to use it for their cook outs!  So, I'd trade them a jar of my rub for a jar of their delicious apple pie moonshine!  Before he came over to get a jar one day, he asked me to draw up a logo on it just for fun.  I had this jar that had a label on it.  I pealed that off and the paper backing stuck to it.  So I just drew on that.  Being a fun, no shoes wearing, surfer beach guy, I could only think of one cool logo that combined that, with BBQ!  When I was done I looked at it and that's when I thought, "WOW!...This could actually be a great little side business!"  
    I still have that jar and will always keep it.
     Below is a picture of the actual jar.
    After that I lost the recipe I wrote down.  So I had to try and make it again from memory... which took forever!  BUT, I accidentally made a hotter version of it.  Light bulb went off and I said hey why not have a sweet, SMOKEY and hot blend?!  Now, because of everyone's support and love for these great seasonings, I was able to quit the construction scene and concentrate on Tiki Tavz full-time.  The things I have learned along the way were priceless and could have never been taught in a class room.  Things like having the guts to walk into a store to try and sell my products...and hearing no, over and over again.  Even having the dad of the girl I was dating say, "You will never make it and you should just give it up."  I still kept my head up and kept moving forward.  My parents, family and close friends have always been a huge support, and it's because of them that I am able to do what I love the most in the world.  Creating AWESOME products for everyone to enjoy!!!  And trust me, Tiki Tavz is only scratching the surface with new things coming out.  Our new Surf Seasoning is really winning everyone over.  We have some fantastic potato chips coming out later this summer and so much more over the next few years!  Check us out and like us on Facebook and Instagram so you can try to catch us at one of our events!
    We are proud to say that we have relocated to the great state of Florida and FINALLY near the beach!!
    Thank you for taking the time to check out our shop and we hope you enjoy our products!!